Manual Installation

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Welcome to the Cloudrexx manual installation guide. For an automated setup, please refer to the readme on GitHub.


  1. Check minimal requirements


Important: It is currently impossible to install Cloudrexx in a sub-directory. [1]


  1. Execute
    git clone <directory name>
  2. Create a new mysql database (use utf8_unicode_ci as collation) and import the structure (/installer/data/contrexx_dump_structure.sql) and data (/installer/data/contrexx_dump_data.sql) into the newly created database. In Bash this can be done by the following script:
    DbName="<databaseName>";mysql -u<username> -p -e \
        "CREATE DATABASE $DbName COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
        USE $DbName;
        SOURCE installer/data/contrexx_dump_structure.sql;
        SOURCE installer/data/contrexx_dump_data.sql;"
  3. Create a default user. In Bash this can be done by the following script:
    DbName="<databaseName>";ClxMail="<mail>";ClxPass="<password>";mysql -u<username> -p $DbName -e \
        "INSERT INTO contrexx_access_users (id, is_admin, username, password, regdate, expiration, validity, last_auth, last_activity, email, email_access, frontend_lang_id, backend_lang_id, active, profile_access, restore_key, restore_key_time, u2u_active, auth_token) VALUES (1,1,'system',MD5('$ClxPass'),0,0,0,0,0,'$ClxMail','nobody', 0,0,1,'members_only','',0,'0', '');
        INSERT INTO contrexx_access_user_profile (user_id, gender, title, firstname, lastname, company, address, city, zip, country, phone_office, phone_private, phone_mobile, phone_fax, birthday, website, profession, interests, signature, picture) VALUES (1,'gender_undefined',2,'CMS','System Benutzer','','','','',0,'','','','','','','','','','');
        INSERT INTO contrexx_access_user_attribute_value (attribute_id, user_id, history_id, value) VALUES (0,1,0,'');"
  4. Set up the configuration file (/config/configuration.php)
    • set $_DBCONFIG['host'], $_DBCONFIG['database'], $_DBCONFIG['user'] and $_DBCONFIG['password'] to the appropriate values
    • set the constant CONTREXX_INSTALLED to true
  5. In case you did setup Cloudrexx in a subdirectory of the webserver's DocumentRoot, you'll have do set the option RewriteBase in the file .htaccess accordingly
  6. Open section Administration > Global Configuration in backend (http://your-cloudrexx-git-clone/cadmin/) so that the system can initialize the base configuration

Recommended config

For the best experience we recommend that you do the following after your installation is set up:

In global configuration (in "administration" in backend) do the following:

  • Force domain URL
  • Force frontend protocol
  • Force backend protocol
  • Enable all caches