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What it is

  • Modal search dialog
  • Searches user accounts with ajax and autocompletion
  • You can select an existing user account or enter a custom user name
  • You have the possibility to clear the selected user
  • Available since version 3.0.1


Server-side (PHP)



with options:

    'minLength' => 3,
    'canCancel' => true,
    'canClear'  => true,
    'limit'     => 15,


Name Type Default Description
minLength Integer 3 The minimum length of characters to start the user search.
canCancel Boolean false If true, a cancel button is displayed in the dialog.
canClear Boolean false If true, there is the possibility to clear the user. The user id will be 0 and the user name empty.
limit Integer 0 Limits the result to the specified amount of users. 0 means no limit.
resultFormat String %title% Changes the content of the found list items. The following placeholders can be used:
Placeholder Value
%id% ID of user
%title% Parsed user title (combination of firstname, lastname, email and username). This is not to be confused with the profile attribute 'title'.
%username% Username of user
%email% E-mail of user
%firstname% Firstname of user
%lastname% Lastname of user
%company% Company of user
%address% Address of user
%city% City of user
%zip% ZIP of user
searchFields String company,firstname,lastname,username,email Allows to specify which fields should be searched. Field list is the same as the placeholder list of "resultFormat".
searchAnd Boolean false If set to "true" this searches in a more complex way: If fields A and B are searched for the terms "C" and "D" the search will only return users matching both terms (either C in A and D in B or vice versa).

This currently only works if no more search terms than search fields are specified. In addition, this is currently limit to a maximum of 2 search fields.

Client-side (HTML)

If you want to link the input explicitly to an active user account:

<input class="live-search-user-id" name="..." value="..." />

If you want to have the possibility to enter a custom user name additionally:

<input class="live-search-user-id" name="..." value="..." />
<input class="live-search-user-name" name="..." value="..." />

CSS classes

The following classes are necessary for the user live search and must be used in combination with an input tag.

Class Description
live-search-user-id Set this class on an input tag which is used for the user id of the selected user account.
live-search-user-name Set this class on an input tag which is used for the entered/custom user name.


You can attach handlers for the following events.

Use case Triggered event Scope Usage (attach handler to event) Version
Select user userSelected user/live-search cx.bind("userSelected", function(objUser) {}, "user/live-search") since 3.1.0
Clear user userCleared user/live-search cx.bind("userCleared", function(objUser) {}, "user/live-search") since 3.1.0

If you use the "User Live Search" plugin several times then you can add an id to the input tag with the class "live-search-user-id". Then you can extend the scope "user/live-search" with the assigned id like "user/live-search/example-id". In this case you can add an event handler for the element with the id "example-id".

Code example to add a handler to the event "userSelected" explicitly for the element with the id "example-id":

<script type="text/javascript">
cx.bind("userSelected", function(objUser) { ...some javascript code... }, "user/live-search/example-id");

<input id="example-id" class="live-search-user-id" name="..." value="..." />
Parameter objUser (Type: Object)
Property Description User id User name

Javascript example:

cx.bind("userSelected", function(objUser) {
    alert("This is the user id: " +;
    alert("this is the user name: " +;
}, "user/live-search");