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The \Cx\Core_Modules\Access\Model\Entity\Callback class is a wrapper for all kinds of callbacks that can be used in Cloudrexx.

Types of callbacks

Inline function callback

An inline function callback is the most straight-forward case for a callback:

$callback = new \Cx\Core_Modules\Access\Model\Entity\Callback(
    function($args) {
        // some code

PHP Callable

This type of callback is any of the possibilities listed by PHP Callables.


$callback = new \Cx\Core_Modules\Access\Model\Entity\Callback(
    array('MyClass', 'myCallbackMethod')

Exposed method callback

Any exposed method can be used as a callback.


$callback = \Cx\Core_Modules\Access\Model\Entity\Callback::fromJsonAdapter(
    array('list', 'of' => 'arguments'),
    array('data' => 'arguments')

If any arguments or data is passed they are merged with the arguments passed at call time.

How to invoke a Callback instance

Any of the above cases can be called the same way:

$returnValue = $callback('some', 'arguments');

For callbacks of type exposed methods the first parameter is used as arguments list and the second parameter is used as data arguments. Both need to be an array, otherwise they are ignored.

Persistable callbacks

Callbacks of the type exposed methods can be persisted to the database. This is done by persisting the Callback instance like any other entity: