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The Html class contains (mostly static) methods and constants which are useful for the generation of HTML code. The intention of this class is to generate consistent and error-free code.

Hint: There are hangovers in the code which e.g. are from customer projects and which should not be used by Contrexx. They will be removed in a further version.

Note: This documentation refers to version 4 or older. For newer versions of Cloudrexx, please refer to Html.


Contrexx API for \HTML Class
Contrexx API for \HTMLTag Class


The following constants should be used everytime the attribute has to be inserted dynamically.

    const ATTRIBUTE_CHECKED = ' checked="checked"';
    const ATTRIBUTE_SELECTED = ' selected="selected"';
    const ATTRIBUTE_DISABLED = ' disabled="disabled"';
    const ATTRIBUTE_READONLY = ' readonly="readonly"';
    const ATTRIBUTE_MULTIPLE = ' multiple="multiple"';

    const CSS_DISPLAY_NONE = 'display:none;';
    const CSS_DISPLAY_INLINE = 'display:inline;';
    const CSS_DISPLAY_BLOCK = 'display:block;';


Example: getInputText(): Generates HTML code for a one line text input field.

The documentation of this and all other methods are visible in the PHPDoc in the code or on the documentation page.

     * Returns HTML code for a text imput field
     * If the $id parameter is false, the id attribute is not set.
     * If it's empty (but not false), the name is used instead.
     * If the custom attributes parameter $attribute is empty, and
     * is_numeric($value) evaluates to true, the text is right aligned
     * within the input element.
     * @param   string    $name         The element name
     * @param   string    $value        The element value, defaults to the
     *                                  empty string
     * @param   string    $id           The optional element id, defaults to
     *                                  false for none
     * @param   string    $attribute    Additional optional attributes
     * @return  string                  The HTML code for the element
     * @author  Reto Kohli <>
    static function getInputText($name, $value='', $id=false, $attribute='')
            '<input type="text" name="'.$name.'"'.
            ($id === false ? '' : ' id="'.($id ? $id : $name).'"').
            ' value="'.contrexx_raw2xhtml($value).'"'.
            (preg_match('/\btabindex\b/', $attribute)
              ? '' : ' tabindex="'.++self::$index_tab.'"').
              ? " $attribute"
              : (is_numeric($value)
                  ? ' style="text-align: right;"'
                  : '')).
            " />\n";