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The SettingDb class contains (mostly static) methods which make it easier to handle settings for all imaginable intentions. The intention is to use this class as a gateway everywhere in Contrexx where the user can make configurations.


Contrexx API \SettingDb class

Note: For Contrexx versions 5 or newer see article Cx\Core\Setting


  • static function changed()
    • TRUE, if minimum one of the loaded setting has been changed (updateAll() will check these)
  • static function tab_index($tab_index=null)
    • Get or set the current tab
  • static function init($section, $group=null)
    • Activate or load the setting for a specific module (as the case may be constricted on a given group)
  • static function flush()
    • Reset the content of the class (forces for example the re-initialization at the next getArray())
  • static function getValue($name)
    • Returns the value for the setting with the given name
  • static function set($name, $value)
    • Set the value of the setting with the given name
  • static function updateAll()
    • Stores the loaded settings into the database (only if minimum one change have been done)
  • static function update($name)
    • Stores one setting (without check!)
  • static function add($name, $value, $ord=false, $type='text', $values=, $group=null)
    • Adds a new setting to the group
    • This method is only used for an installation script for a new module or will be used in update.
  • static function delete($name=null, $group=null)
    • Deletes the setting with the given name. Only for advanced users!
  • static function show(&$objTemplateLocal, $uriBase, $section=, $tab_name=, $prefix='TXT_')
    • Shows the settings in the given template object
  • static function show_section(&$objTemplateLocal, $section=, $prefix='TXT_')
    • Shows the settings for the given group in the given template object
    • TODO: the nomenclature is still old. $section should be $group instead.
  • static function show_external(&$objTemplateLocal, $tab_name, $content)
    • Includes an external site (e.g. MailTemplates) into the SettingDb view (as a new tab)


    SettingDb::init('shop', 'config');
    // All configuration settings from the shop are loaded now
    $limit = SettingDb::getValue('numof_manufacturers_per_page_backend');


    // Fix-or-update-on-the-fly
    $vat_number = SettingDb::getValue('vat_number');
    if (is_null($vat_number)) {
        SettingDb::add('', '12345678', 1, 'text', '', 'config');


    // Integrate MailTemplates into the shop template
    $objTemplate = null;
    $result &= SettingDb::show_external(
        MailTemplate::overview('shop', 'config',
    $result &= SettingDb::show_external(
        'settings_block', $objTemplate->get());


    return (SettingDb::updateAll() !== false); // updateAll() returns NULL on a no-op

More examples can be found in the shop since Contrexx version 3.0