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The Sorting class creates an object which allows to easy create and display sorted views. The intention is to use this class everywhere in Contrexx as a gateway for sortings.

This class saves sortings in the user's session, also for different views.


Contrexx API \Sorting class


  • function __construct(&$baseUri, $arrField, $flagDefaultAsc=true, $orderUriParameter=self::DEFAULT_PARAMETER_NAME)
    • Constructs a sorting with the given uri
    • Fields are in the array as ("FieldName" => "displayed name")
    • Fieldnams can be in a SQL syntax: id, `id` or `table`.`id`
  • function getUri_entities($field=null)
    • Returns the URL with the current sorting (NULL) or with the provided field
    • Usage e.g. as URL for the paging, so the sorting will still be set.
  • function getOrderReverseUriEncoded($field=null)
    • Returns the URL with the current sorting (NULL) or with the provided field, but in the inverse order
  • function getHeaderArray()
    • Returns an array (FieldName => HTML for the head field) for all fields
  • function getHeaderForField($field)
    • Returns the String with the HTML for the head field


    $uri = Html::getRelativeUri_entities();
    $objSorting = new Sorting($uri, 
            'id' => $_ARRAYLANG['TXT_SHOP_MANUFACTURER_ID'],
            'name' => $_ARRAYLANG['TXT_SHOP_MANUFACTURER_NAME'],
            'url' => $_ARRAYLANG['TXT_SHOP_MANUFACTURER_URL'],
        ), true, 'order_manufacturer');

        'SHOP_HEADER_ID' => $objSorting->getHeaderForField('id'),
        'SHOP_HEADER_NAME' => $objSorting->getHeaderForField('name'),
        'SHOP_HEADER_URL' => $objSorting->getHeaderForField('url'),

    $arrManufacturers = Manufacturer::getArray($count,
        $objSorting->getOrder(), Paging::getPosition(), $limit);

    $i = 0;
    foreach ($arrManufacturers as $manufacturer_id => $arrManufacturer) {
            'SHOP_MANUFACTURER_ID' => $manufacturer_id,
            'SHOP_MANUFACTURER_NAME' => $arrManufacturer['name'],
            'SHOP_MANUFACTURER_URL' => $arrManufacturer['url'],
            'SHOP_ROWCLASS' => 'row'.(++$i % 2 + 1),

    $paging = Paging::get($objSorting::getUri_entities(),
        $_ARRAYLANG['TXT_SHOP_MANUFACTURERS'], $count, $limit, true);

More examples are available in the shop since Contrexx version 3.0