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The Text class administrates module data for all active frontend languages. The intention is to use this class as a gateway everywhere in Contrexx for translatable texts.


Contrexx API \Text class


  • function __construct($text, $lang_id, $section, $key, $id=null)
    • Generates a new text object for a module, with key
  • function store()
    • Persists the text to the database
  • static function replace($id, $lang_id, $section, $key, $strText)
    • Inserts a new text into the database, or replaces an existing one in the database
  • static function deleteByKey($section, $key)
    • Deletes all texts of a module with a given key (MIND YOUR HEAD!)
  • static function getSqlSnippets($field_id, $lang_id, $section, $keys)
    • Returns an array with multiple snippets of SQL, to implement translated texts into an existing query
      • 'alias': Array with a field name for each key to get the resultset
      • 'field': To add into the SELECT, does not contain a comma in the begin and end.
      • 'join': To add into the JOIN


    // Update to Shop 3.0 - start clean
    Text::deleteByKey('shop', self::TEXT_NAME);

    // Loop over old Products {
        $id = $objResult->fields['id'];
        $name = $objResult->fields['title'];
        if (!Text::replace($id, FRONTEND_LANG_ID, 'shop',
            self::TEXT_NAME, $name)) {
            throw new Update_DatabaseException(
                "Failed to migrate Product name '$name'");
    // }
    // Query a Product in the current frontend language
    $arrSql = Text::getSqlSnippets('`product`.`id`', FRONTEND_LANG_ID, 'shop',
            'name' => self::TEXT_NAME,
            'short' => self::TEXT_SHORT,
            'long' => self::TEXT_LONG,
            'keys' => self::TEXT_KEYS,
            'code' => self::TEXT_CODE,
            'uri' => self::TEXT_URI,
    $query = "
        SELECT `product`.`id`, [...], $arrSql['field']."
          FROM `".DBPREFIX."module_shop".MODULE_INDEX."_products` AS `product`".
         WHERE `product`.`id`=$id";
    $objResult = $objDatabase->Execute($query);
    $strName = $objResult->fields['name'];
    if ($strName === null) {
        // Fallback for languages not yet edited -- use any language found
        $strName = Text::getById($id, 'shop', self::TEXT_NAME)->content();
    [...] // Other Product properties

More examples are in the shop since Contrexx version 3.0.