First Steps

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First Steps


Contrexx Screen Elements

After successful Login you will see some basis elements, which will accompany you while you work with Contrexx within admin. You are welcomed with your user name and also data of the last five login sessions.

Admin Pannel

Illustration 3: Contrexx Admin

  1. Navigation: Left is the main navigation of Contrexx.
  2. Title border: In the title border your momentary position is always indicated.
  3. Snapping: The usually used ranges from Contrexx are indicated and linked on the starting side by symbols.
  4. Sides ID: In order to find a side faster, you can use this search function and enter the sides ID.
  5. Announce sessions: All contents are indicated in this segment. With the starting side you see the last five registrations here. Thus you have complete control of the use of Contrexx.

Title Border

At the upper edge of screen you see the Contrexx title border, which always gives you information on your current place of residence. Besides under it your user name or the functions of the menus is indicated.


At the lefthand side you will see navigation, the central trick and pivot for your work with Contrexx. Navigation is divided into four main groups. The submenu is indicated by unique clicking on a main group. (see below)

At the lower edge of the main menu you see the function "site ID". Here you can change by input of the page number directly to the desired side. They see the page number in the address line.

Here it possible for the administrator to assign individual users rights.