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In Contrexx WMS we make of use of an icon set in order to achieve an uniform appearance. Comvation AG purchased a license of the icon set "MINICONS Ultimate Pack" (see http://www.webalys.com/minicons/ultimate-pack.php) for the commercial use in Contrexx WMS.

Implementing new Icons

  1. Feel free to request at dev@contrexx.com an icon of this set for the implementation in Contrexx WMS.
  2. Open the requested icon (use the dimension 16x16 px with file type png) in your image editing application.
  3. Edit the icon in the following way:
    • change the color from black (#000000) to #444444.
      • In Photoshop you can do so by clicking "Image/Mode/Grayscale" next "Image/Mode/Duotone" and then select the color #444444.
      • In Gimp you do this by adding a new "White (full opacity)"-Layer Mask, select the Layer Mask and then fill the Layer with the Bucket Fill Tool to #444444
    • change the color of the inner background from transparent to white (#FFFFFF).