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This page describes how to create intros for components or features in Cloudrexx.

Quick start

An intro consists of several steps. Each step has an element that will get highlighted and a text that is shown.

The simplest case to show an intro is:

public function postContentLoad() {
            'element' => '#myElement',
            'intro' => 'Some text',

How it works

The example above shows an intro using the Intro.js library. Once the user has seen the intro a cookie is set accordingly so it does not get shown twice.

addIntroSteps() has a second parameter called group. This can be used to show different intros on the same page or the same intro on multiple pages. If no group is specified <componentName>-<section> is used as default.

Integration into cx.ui

Using JavaScript"<group>") can be used to show an intro. If this is called the intro is shown regardless whether the user has already seen it or not.

Known limitations

  • No more than 32 steps can be added per group.
  • Shown steps are saved in a Cookie rather than per user.