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The component Net provides useful methods for dealing with domains as well as it is the maintainer of the domain repository of the Cloudrexx installation.


All mapped domains (managed by component NetManager) of a Cloudrexx website are stored in a domain repository by the component Net.

Note: The component Net provides the legacy environment variable $_CONFIG['domainUrl'].

Domain Repository

The domain repository holds the list of mapped domains of a Cloudrexx installation and can be accessed as follows:

$repo = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->getDomainRepository();

The domain repository is a YamlRepository and does therefore provide the common getters findAll(), find($id) and findBy($criteria) for fetching any of the mapped domains (instances of \Cx\Core\Net\Model\Entity\Domain).

Main domain

The main domain (as set by configuration option Main domain under Administration > Global Configuration > System > Site) can be fetched as follows:

$repo = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->getDomainRepository();
$domain = $repo->getMainDomain();

Hostname domain

The name of the server can be fetched as domain instance as follows:

$repo = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->getDomainRepository();
$hostDomain = $repo->getHostDomain();


The hostname of the server (as string) can be fetched as follows:

$hostname = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->getHostname();


Internationalized domain name conversion

Use the following helpers to convert an internationalized domain name into Punycode and vice-versa:

$punycode = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->convertIdnToAsciiFormat($idnName);
$idnName = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->convertIdnToUtf8Format($punycode);

Resolve hostname of IP

Get the hostname of an IP-address:

$host = $this->cx->getComponent('Net')->getHostByAddr($ip);
Note: If option DNS Hostname lookup (under Administration > Global Configuration > System > Other configuration options) is disabled, then this method will simply return the value of $ip.