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The PDF component provides the ability to create PDF documents from HTML templates.


Rendering is done by using the mPDF library. The following table lists the used version of mPDF:

Cloudrexx mPDF
Cloud 6.1
5.0.3 6.1
5.0.2 6.1
5.0.1 6.1
5.0.0 6.1

Refer to the user manual for a short introduction on how to render a PDF-document.



A PDF Template consists of UTF-8 encoded HTML code with optional CSS and is managed under Administration > Global Configuration > PDF Templates.

The following example creates a PDF based on a template and replaces the placeholders "PLACEHOLDER_FOO", "PLACEHOLDER_BAR" and the placeholder "PLACEHOLDER _IN_BLOCK_FOO" withing the block "BLOCK_FOO":

$pdf = $cx->getComponent('Pdf');
$pdfTemplateId = // ID of a PDF template which has been created under "Administration" > "Global Configuration" > "PDF Templates".
$substitution = array(
    'PLACEHOLDER_FOO' => 'Hello',
    'PLACEHOLDER_BAR' => 'World',
    'BLOCK_FOO' => array(
        0 => array(
            'PLACEHOLDER_IN_BLOCK_FOO' => 'Test',
$file = $pdf->generatePDF($pdfTemplateId, $substitution, 'pdf', true);
echo $file['filePath'];
echo $file['fileName'];

Manually create a PDF

The following example creates a PDF based on the HTML code in $tplContent without any substitution:

$pdf = new \Cx\Core_Modules\Pdf\Model\Entity\PdfDocument();
$pdf->SetTitle($fileName . '.pdf');
$pdf->setFilePath($session->getTempPath() . '/' . $fileName . '.pdf');