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The component Routing provides the ability for URL-rewriting and performs the resolving process of the HTTP-request.

URL Rewriting

URL rewriting is implemented using simple match&replace regular expressions and can be manged under Administration > Redirections. For further information refer to the Knowledge Base.


Resolving of the HTTP-request is done by the legacy controller \Cx\Core\Routing\Resolver and gets triggered right after the preResolve-hook of the bootstrap process.

Resolved page

After completion of the resolving process (not until the postResolve-hook), the resolved page (\Cx\Core\ContentManager\Model\Entity\Page) can be fetched as follows:

$page = $this->cx->getPage();


The outcome of the resolved page can be influenced by the resolve-hook of the resolved component. Using this ability makes it possible to implement the so-called pretty-URLs feature within a component.