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Cloudrexx contains a Full-Text Search application that is used to look up content in the available applications by a certain keyword.

Note: This documentation refers to version 5 or newer. For older versions of Cloudrexx, please refer to Full-Text Search V4.

Currently, the following applications have been integrated into the Full-Text Search application:

Application Integrated since
Calendar 1.2.0
Content 1.0.0
Directory 1.1.0
DocSys 1.0.0
Downloads 5.0.0
Forum 2.0.0
Gallery 1.0.5
Media 5.0.0
MediaDir 5.0.0
MemberDir 1.1.0
News 1.0.0
Podcast 1.0.9
Shop 1.0.0

Application Integration

Register an Event Listener to the Event SearchFindContent in the component's ComponentController hook registerEventListeners(). Then when the Event SearchFindContent is triggered, the instance of Full-Text Search component (\Cx\Core_Modules\Search\Controller\Search) is passed as argument to the registered Event Listeners.


Example of registering the EventListener in a ComponentController:

public function registerEventListeners() {
        new \Cx\Core_Modules\News\Model\Event\NewsEventListener()


Example of EventListener:

 * ...

namespace Cx\Modules\Demo\Model\Event;

 * ...
class DemoEventListener implements \Cx\Core\Event\Model\Entity\DefaultEventListener {
    public function SearchFindContent($search) {
        // fetch main application page of current locale
        $em = $this->cx->getDb()->getEntityManager();
        $pageRepo = $em->getRepository('Cx\Core\ContentManager\Model\Entity\Page');
        $page = $pageRepo->findOneByModuleCmdLang('Demo', '', FRONTEND_LANG_ID);

        // Abort in case page is not eligible to be listed in search results.
        // This will check if the page is properly published and accessible by the user
        if (!$search->isPageListable($page)) {

        // fetch search results
        $result = new \Cx\Core_Modules\Listing\Model\Entity\DataSet(

        // attach results to search component

    protected function getResultForSearchComponent(
        \Cx\Core_Modules\Search\Controller\Search $search
    ) {
        $results[] = array();

        // note: implement a method that fetches the content from the component
        foreach (
            $this->fetchResults($search->getTerm() as $result)
        ) {
            // preprocess content to be used in search results page
            $content = $search->parseContentForResultDescription(

            $results[] = array(
                // $score should be an int between 1 and 100 to indicate
                // the relevance of the result
                'Score'     => $score,
                // the title of the result
                'Title'     => $result->getTitle(),
                // the short description (preview) to be shown
                'Content'   => $content,
                // URL to the detail section of the result
                'Link'      => (string) $result->getUrl(),
                // name of this component
                'Component' => 'Demo',

        return $results;

Search through content of files

To lookup files by searching through their content, you can implement an Indexer.